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A Message From The KOFY Crew

There are a variety of ways to watch KOFY since we and all other television stations completed the digital transition in 2009:

  • Your Local Cable Company.  For most Bay Area viewers this is Comcast Cable check your local phone book.

  • Two National Satellite Providers.  Chose either DISH Network or DirecTV

  • Various Telephone Company Services.  In this area it is AT&T U-verse

  • Free Over-The-Air TV.  By making the initial investment in an installation for your home and using an Antenna you can likely receive KOFY-DT in most of the Bay Area without on-going monthly charges.

The choice is up to you, as long as you watch KOFY TV20 Cable 13!

KOFY-DT and ten other television stations are located within San Francisco transmitting from the Sutro Tower. These stations are engaged in a joint coordinated project removing their old analog antennas and replacing them with new DTV antennas, giving KOFY and others increased power output and better over-the-air reception in most locations within the Bay Area.

Here are some useful resources to help you with your over-the-air television viewing and how to improve the experience in watching KOFY-DT:

If you have problems or issues with over-the-air DTV reception, we are glad to help, just contact us at KOFY giving us your address, phone number, and location and we will get back to you with some advice.

Thanks as always for supporting KOFY TV20 Cable 13…and remember that we’re Local, Just Like You!


The KOFY Crew

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