As you've noticed, a few programming changes have occurred on KOFY TV. There have been lots of questions so we thought we'd start answering them right here. We'll be constantly updating this page as additional programming changes and more questions keep coming!

*Effective April 16, 2012*
Effective April 16, 2012 we're making some changes in our Prime Time lineup. This is what you can expect!

7P-8P: 2 Back to back episodes of Scrubs (new)
8P-9P: Law & Order Criminal Intent (same)
9P-10P: ABC 7News @ 9P (same)
10P-11P: 2 Back to back episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (new)
11P: Typer Perry’s House of Payne (new)
Look out for all the changes starting MONDAY

Me-TV Bay Area Is Now On Comcast. KOFY TV 20.2!
Here are answers to a few questions we've received so far!

Q. Is KOFY as we know it going away?
A. No. KOFY’s agreement with Me-TV is for broadcast rights in the Bay Area on one of KOFY’s digital sub-channels, 20.2. Me-TV will be carried in addition to KOFY’s primary channel.

Q. When will Me-TV be on the air in the Bay Area?
A. Me-TV is now available over-the-air on 20.2 and on Comcast 20.2!

Q. How can I receive Me-TV over the air with an antenna?
A. If you currently receive KOFY’s primary channel (20.1) over-the-air, you need to rescan your digital converter box or TV in order to see Me-TV on 20.2. If you do not have an antenna for local broadcast signals, please visit a local electronics retailer for more information. Although there are minimal upfront costs for an antenna and converter box, receiving KOFY 20.1 and 20.2 is free once everything is set up!

Q. Will Direct-TV, Dish and/or AT&T U-verse be carrying Me-TV in the Bay Area?
A. Me-TV will not likely be carried on these providers. Please feel free to contact them directly.

Q. Why are Twilight Zone, Cheers and I Love Lucy not airing on Me-TV 20.2?
A. Several local broadcast TV stations currently own the local broadcast rights to Twilight Zone, Cheers and I Love Lucy. Me-TV is required by law to cover those shows with alternative programming. As soon as the local contracts expire for each of those shows, Me-TV can begin airing them on 20.2. Twilight Zone, for example, will be available in mid-March 2012.

Why is Perry Mason not airing at 10a on Me-TV?
A. KOFY has elected to air Me-TV’s 10a episode of Perry Mason on their primary 20.1 channel. Me-TV is required by law to cover their 10a episode with alternative programming as their broadcast rights only allow the episodes to air on 1 station in the market. However, Perry Mason does air on Me-TV 20.2 weeknights at 11:30p.

Q. Why is there a Me-TV logo on screen during Perry Mason on KOFY?
A. Our partnership agreement with Me-TV includes the ability for KOFY to air some Me-TV programming on our primary KOFY (20.1) channel. We decided to start with Perry Mason. The Perry Mason episodes you now see on KOFY actually come from Me-TV, and hopefully you've noticed the improved picture quality.

Q. Why are there announcements about upcoming shows on Me-TV that actually aren't airing on KOFY?
A. At this time, the feed we get from Me-TV for Perry Mason includes Me-TV schedule announcements. We understand this is causing confusion and hope to rectify it soon. At this time, Perry Mason is the only Me-TV program available on KOFY's primary (20.1) channel, and all other Me-TV programs can be seen over-the-air on 20.2.

Q. Why did KOFY partner with Me-TV?
A. We felt Me-TV was a great partnership fit for KOFY with excellent complimentary television shows. It supports our commitment to classic television programming and meets the requests of thousands of viewers in the Bay Area who wanted Me-TV back on the air.

Q. Will KOFY air some Me-TV shows on the KOFY TV primary channel?
A. While we haven’t decided specifically which shows, it is likely that a few shows on Me-TV will be re-purposed on KOFY’s primary channel.

Q. Why did Me-TV go off the air in the Bay Area recently?
A. Me-TV was affiliated with KFTY (TV50, Cable 31) up until recently when KFTY was sold to a Hispanic broadcaster.

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Q- Why did you get rid of the Streets of San Francisco?
A- Sadly, it was not our intention to get rid of The Streets of San Francisco. Our contract with the program distributor has expired and the show is no longer available to KOFY TV by the program distributor(sad face).We highly recommend starting a "BRING BACK STREETS To KOFY TV" group on Facebook. We'd totally "Like" it!

Q- Why did you get rid of Perry Mason at 8am?
A- Much to our disappointment, our contract with the program distributor has expired and the show is no longer available to KOFY TV. Bummer we know. However, we have negotiated a short term agreement to keep Perry Mason on KOFY at 12p. Q- Why did you get rid of Star Trek Next Generation?
A- Much to our disappointment, our contract with the program distributor has expired and the show is no longer available to KOFY TV. We're still on the hunt to secure programming options we know you'll enjoy!

Q- Why are you moving Wendy Williams to 10am and not putting another retro program in it's place?
A- We are contractually obligated to air the Wendy Williams Show and feel the 10-11a time period is the best fit for the show. However, we are currently looking at other options for available retro programming.

Q- Why are you getting rid of all the retro programming?
A- It hasn't really been our choice to reduce retro programming available on KOFY-TV. Some of our retro programs we all love so much have been picked up on national channels on an exclusive basis which doesn't allow us to air the shows in our market on KOFY. However, we are currently looking at other options for retro programs that are available.

Q- Why did you get rid of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and replace it with Cheaters?
A- We're sad to say but our contract with the program distributor has expired and the show isn't available in the San Francisco market anymore. Cheaters is doing very well attracting daytime viewers around the country and so we thought it was the best show for the 11-11:30a time period right now.

We hope we've been able to answer your questions and give you hope that we are listening to what you're saying and looking into various retro program options available to us. Stay tuned for more updates on this page in the future!

If we haven't answered your questions, or you'd like to suggest programming ideas, hit us up on our Facebook page right here!