Meet Morris Knight


By Aurora Sanchez

A love for music has always been the driving force in Morris’ life. This California native was raised in San Diego, but after moving to Sacramento for his high school years, he started his radio career as a part-timer at alternative rock station KWOD 106.5 in 1990. A couple of years later he landed his first full-time on-air position at 97.7 KWIN in Stockton. During his 5-years there he honed his skills going from overnight DJ to midday personality. That’s when he got the call in 1997 and moved up to 98.1 KISS FM in San Francisco. Now in his seventeenth year with KISS FM, Morris proudly hosts the afternoon drive-time show weekdays from 3 to 8pm, and still calls it “the greatest day job in the world.”

Morris' ambitions and diverse talents have also landed him in TV commercials, a network TV show and a long-time gig as the former host of KOFY TV's Dance Party. And, as if that weren’t enough, he’s also a musician and singer/songwriter in an Indie Rock band. As you can probably tell by now, if Morris weren’t in radio and TV he’d still most definitely be just as successful in some other area of the entertainment business!