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Race For The Dog House


By (BIM) Katie Winchell



For the last 30 years KOFY TV has long been known as the Bay Area's
"Dog Station".  All treats lead to KOFY!  It's time to kick off the 2nd Annual Election 2013: Race For The Dog House!

Beginning September 2013, KOFY TV will conduct a Bay Area wide search for mayoral candidates worthy enough to be named Mayor of one of our 9 Bay Area Counties!  This is not your average election.  While bark, bite & breed are important factors in selecting each Mayor it all comes down to their positioning on "the fire hydrant vs. the tree", "dry food vs. wet" and whether they're "pro or against clothes"!  The second annual  Race For The Dog House will culminate on December 6th with an announcement of the DOG MAYOR of each county as elected by the people! 

How It Works
Nomination Period:  September thru October
Bay Area residents will bring their four legged, or 3... we don't discriminate,  candidates to one of 4 locations across the Bay Area  to let it be known their canine is RUNNING FOR MAYOR! These election locations, also known to the masses as casting calls are the ONLY way viewers can enter their dog into the election!  They'll also have the opportunity to put their paws up in a KOFY station ID that will run on KOFY throughout the election period.  

Preliminaries: November 4th- November 17th
Begining November 4th all entries will be posted on the Election 2013 voting center.  Viewers will have the opportunity to look through the candidates, read up on their stats learn their stance on issues directly effecting our every day lives like "to spade or not to spade."  Voters will use this knowledge to make educated and thoughtful decisions when filling out their ballots.  You can vote one time per day.  The three candidates from each county with the most votes at the end of the preliminaries will continue on in The Race For The Dog House in hopes to be named Mayor of their County!

Election 2012: November 18th thru December 5th @ midnight
Winners of the preliminaries (3 per county) will conitnue on and be posted on the Election 2013 voting center!  Viewers will have one more opportunity to check out the candidates and cast their vote for Dog Mayor of each county!  Throughout Election 2013 the 21 candidates will pay visits to Fire Hydrant Headquarters and sit down with our Live From The Dog House! Corespondents answering hard hitting questions voters want answered!

Election 2013 Wrap Party:  December 8th, 10a-12p, Walnut Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

Click Here to visit our Election 2013 facebook page
Click Here to watch our KOFY dog ids


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