Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital


By Brandy Bulawsky

Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital has been part of the Bay Area pet community for more than half a century and are proud to offer many treatment modalitite not available at most veterinary hospitals. What sets them apart from other veterinary hospitals is the fact that they are committed to over-all life-long care and well-being of your pet by offering "three hospitals in one"! They offer a general practice, a full range of specialties, and 24 hour emergency care!

Contact Information-
2126 Haste St.
Berkeley, California 94704

Phone: 510-848-5041
To visit their website, CLICK HERE

Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital is a full-service hospital which caters to our canine and feline friends but also to pocket pets and exotics such as birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and more. When deciding your favorite vacation spot, don't forget about where your pet would like to go! They also offer lodging for your pet.

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