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Sodini's Bertoluccis


By Brandy Bulawsky

Sodini's Bertoluccis
Episode #1
About The Restaurant: Bertolucci's Ristorante in South San Francisco was founded by the Bertolucci Family in 1928. It was originally a boardinghouse where Mama Bertolucci cooked family style meals for steel workers. They operated the restaurant and continued the Italian tradition until 2003 when they retired. Peter Sodini had fond memories of Bertoluccis. Peter grew up working for his father's bakery, Cuneo in North Beach . During that time, he delivered bread to Bertolucci's and was impressed with it's grandeur. Peter eventually went on to start Golden Boy Pizza in San Francisco in 1978. In June, 2005 Peter purchased Bertolucci's. Sodini's Bertoluccis serves traditional Italian cuisine, derived from their Tuscan roots. Their belief has always been to serve simple, hearty and fresh food. The Sodini's have continued their family restaurant tradition.
To see their complete menu CLICK HERE!
See photos from the show at Bertolucci's HERE!
Address: 421 Cypress Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone Number: (650) 588-1625

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