By Brandy Bulawsky

Name: Dustin
Gender: Male
Color: Mahogany brown/black
Breed: Burmese mix
Age: About 4 years

Dustin is a beautiful deep mahogany brown/black Burmese mix one eyed guy with a white heart on his chest. He's about 4 years old. We got Dustin from the SJ shelter Feral Freedom program which Town Cats sponsors. He wasn’t feral, so we took him to find him a home since he had a cold and needed treatment. He also had an eye injury which had caused his eye to rupture. We removed that eye to ease his pain. Now he's winking at you all the time! Dustin is full of life, energy and just loves to play! He is good with cats once acclimated, and loves people of all ages and sizes! He is also loving and will cuddle with you too. Please give this boy a chance!
Contact Information, Town Cats, 408-710-1969, adoptions@towncats.org

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