Maverick & Merlin


By Brandy Bulawsky

Name: Maverick & Merlin
Gender: Male
Color: Black and White Short Hairs
Breed: Burmese mix
Age: About 11 years

It’s me, Maverick (on right) and my somewhat shy, but loving brother Merlin, just saying hi to all you wonderful animal lovers looking for a great pair of extremely well-behaved tuxedo black-and-white felines. We been extremely lucky to have had a wonderful home for many years now, but find ourselves looking forward to another adventure. We're older, independent indoor kitties and would love to keep you company while quietly sitting on your lap and are always up for a good scratch or a rousing game of tag. Honestly, we both occasionally enjoy a bubble bath, mani’s and pedi’s. No really!! (From Merlin): Unlike my less refined brother, I’m more sophisticated and reserved, prefer a gentle touch, so don’t cart me around like a sack of potatoes. I prance like a cheetah, sleek and quiet. Email to meet us!
Contact Information, Town Cats, 408-710-1969,