Top 18 Jobs to Look For in 2013 (With Photo Gallery)


If getting a new job is on your New Year's resolution list for 2013, you may be in luck.

CareerBuilder, along with Economic Modeling Specialists (EMSI), has released the top 18 job fields with significant growth since 2010. The study uses a labor market database from EMSI, which utilizes 90 national and state employment resources and includes detailed information on employees and self-employed workers.

"Where the U.S. will produce the most jobs in 2013 is likely to follow growth patterns of the last few years," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.  "It's no surprise that technology and engineering occupations comprise six of the top ten positions on our list, but workers should also see more opportunities in production-related fields, marketing, healthcare, and financial services. The competition for educated, specialized labor has intensified as market demands increase in both the manufacturing and services sectors."

Click through the photo gallery to see which occupations that require bachelor degrees have produced the most jobs post-recession.

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