Are You Feeling Lucky? If So, You Might Want to Buy a Powerball Ticket


Are you feeling lucky? If so, you might want to consider buying a Powerball ticket after the jackpot surged to an estimated $475 million for Saturday's drawing when a winner was not drawn on Wednesday.

The estimated $475 million total has only been surpassed by two previous jackpots -- both coming in 2012. And, since 2000, there have been seven other lottery jackpots that have surpassed the $338.3 million mark.

In 2012, a Mega Millions jackpot hit $656 million, and a Powerball jackpot reached 587.5 million.

As for the winners of those massive jackpots?

The $656 Mega Millions jackpot was split among three winning tickets that were sold in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas. The $587.5 million Powerball prize was split between a pair of winning tickets that were sold in Missouri and Arizona.

So, what are your lucky numbers? USA Today does an interesting breakdown of the most and least chosen numbers since this Powerball drawing since it began in January. .


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