Not a Good Candidate? Man Fills Out Job Application At Gas Station Before Robbing It, Police Say


This probably won't go down as the best way to enhance one's opportunity of getting a job. ...

According to a news release from the Ocala (Fla.) Police Department, authorities said a 33-year-old Florida man was arrested on burglary and theft charges after allegedly filling out a job application at a gas station just before robbing it.

According to the news release:

Officers were informed that the suspect was a known, regular customer who had, in fact, just filled out an employment application prior to committing the crime. The store had the application still, on which the suspect had written his name.

The clerk from the store advised that (the suspect) had been standing at the counter filling out an application for employment. While there, (the suspect) reached across the counter into the clerk’s area, opened a drawer and took cash from within the drawer. (The suspect) then fled the scene.

Read the entire news release from the Ocala Police Department by clicking HERE.